Made of steel, wide span and ultra span offer a convenient and economical solution of displaying and storing your heavier or bulky goods. Both wide span and ultra span are designed to use a minimum of parts, yet create a strong and stable storage system. These shelving systems are available in four standard colors, as well as a full pallet of custom colors.

Wide Span

Frames:  welded cross braces, slotted posts.  Frame Heights:  48″ to 120″
Beam Lengths: 48″ to 96″
Frame Widths:  18″ to 48″
Deck Support Lengths:  18″ to 48″
Deck Widths:  18″ to 48″
Deck Lengths:  48″ to 96″

Standard Duty Beam capacity: 1,000 to 2,500 pounds, with 5/8″ particle board decking.

A Heavy Duty style of wide span is also available with even greater distributed static load capacity. A pair of Heavy Duty beams with three deck supports has a capacity of up to 3,000 pounds.

Ultra Span

Ultra span features a combination of qualities used in our wide span and display shelving product lines.  The flush top decks allow for a continuous flat surface which yields maximum storage flexibility.  Ultra span is available in standard duty and heavy duty.

Uprights include brace, and base connector
Base:  72″ to 92″

Shelf Widths:  15″ to 30″  Shelf Lengths: 36″ to 96″
Deck Widths:  15″ to 30″  Deck Lengths: 36″ to 96″

Contact Kent for load capacities and to design an ultra span shelving system to for your requirements.

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