For more than 40 years the Campbell family, together with their dedicated staff, has been designing and furnishing, high quality, state-of-the-art, retail store fixtures.  Whether you’re a sole proprietor with a single store or a multi-national chain store, Kent understands your needs and will work with you to provide the best store fixture value to meet your demands.

Kent works one-on-one with your design team, architect, and facility manager to provide all of your store fixture necessities, including gondola shelving, end caps, wide span, bulk storage, wooden shelves and displays, checkouts and, if desired, custom made metal and wood products.  We understand your success is contingent upon your ability to make not only a good first impression to your customers, but that it is equally imperative to make a good impression each and every time a customer visits your facility over the long term.  This is why Kent only sells durable, long lasting, professional grade retail fixtures and displays.

Kent is also committed to environmentally sound business principals. So, when it’s time to retire your Kent steel and wood fixtures you know the materials can be recycled.

David B. Campbell
The KENT FIXTURE Corporation


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